Visual Arts Showcase

The International Children’s Friendship Festival (ICFF) invites everyone to enter the International Children’s Friendship Festival Arts Showcase.

During the festival, kids can share their artistic talents with other kids (in other words “with their friends”) the arts showcase will be open to public during the festival hours and be presented on stage screen as well.

Arts Showcase is open to age groups from five to twelve years old.


SAVE THE FUTURE OF OUR PLANET! Our blue planet is home of many living things. Our lives are connected through the resources we use on earth. So, our very own survival (as human beings) is depending on other living things’ survival. Every one of us can make our own big or small contribution to save the world. What can you do to protect our precious earth so we all living things have a chance to survive in the future?

Draw, paint, sculpt, take a photo or video to tell us about your ideas.

Please fill out the ICFF Virual Arts Showcase registration form and attach to your e mail along with your digital image.